Our digital platforms set new standards for the energy industry. Now let’s forge your edge.
Our mission is building platforms for the energy industry that unite peak performance with exceptional user experience.
Super Connector
our all-in-one Interconnector allocation & nomination platform
Your employees and Market Participants deserve the best software to enable their work. Meet the SuperConnector: unmatched productivity and performance in a single integrated solution.
We tailor the SuperConnector platform to your specific operations and deploy it as your own implementation. No ongoing license fees, no limitations on future expansion.
User Experience to maximize productivity
Single solution enabling frictionless, integrated workflows from capacity allocation to nomination.
unparalleled Adaptability to your needs
Engineered from the ground up to enable easily tailoring of the functions to your operations.
tech that you can build your future on
Modern architectural foundations enabling extremely stable operations and removing bottlenecks from your way to innovate.
rapid tailoring and integration
Go live in your systems within 6-9 months from project start.
oustanding Return on Investment
Low OPEX costs, no license fees.
powering the critical electricity transfer between NL and UK
Our solution powers BritNed’s operations.
explore the SuperConnector and streamline your business
explore the SuperConnector and streamline your business
overcome your grid limits: Public EV Charging with smart Battery Orchestration
Maximise your Public Charging location’s capacity with our unique solution. Through stationary batteries and optimisation algorithms, we empower charging stations to service an increased number of vehicles beyond grid constraints, while ensuring economical operations.
Own your fully tailor-made solution that is set up to serve your unique needs and fits into your existing ecosystem seamlessly. No ongoing license fees, no limitations on future expansion.
easily service more vehicles
Advanced algorithms enable charging beyond grid limits in the most economical way.
maximized operator productivity
Intuitive dashboards streamline operations and decision-making.
works with the hardware of your choice
Completely charger and battery-agnostic with flexible integration that can be installed on-premise or from Cloud.
it is your platform
Ability to self-host the system, fully tailored to your needs with no ongoing usage based license fees for lower OPEX costs.
amaze your customers
Our mobile SDK enhances your customers’ public charging journey.
standalone solution or extending your existing capabilities
Deploy SuperOptimiser as a stand alone solution for your new Public charging facilities. Or add it to your existing solution to extend your charging capabilities seamlessly.
talk to an expert about saying good bye to your grid limits!
talk to an expert about saying good bye to your grid limits!
Supercharge builds digital products that define the future of the energy industry
At Supercharge, we have an unwavering belief: robust and ultra-reliable software needs to coexist with exceptional user experience. With over 200 designers, engineers, and data scientists, we work shoulder to shoulder to reshape the digital energy landscape. We rethink processes to automate the mundane and enable energy experts to do their best work with the powerful tools they deserve.

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