Super Connector
Explore how our all-in-one Interconnector Operations platform sets new standards in user experience and performance.
maximised productivity for your operators
We have designed each interface of the platform with a deep understanding of the ideal Interconnector Operator workflows. This does not only improves the employee experience but also leads to significant cost savings in your day-to-day operations.
Exceptional usability leads to faster task completion times and a decreased human error rate.
Comprehensive workflows expedite critical situation resolution and can significantly reduce curtailment losses.
perfect convenience for your customers
The Superconnector platform has been designed to make life easy for the Market Participants using it. From auctions to nomination the workflows and interfaces have been designed to provide the best user experience and make daily work easier and faster.
a platform tailored to your operations
We understand that no two interconnectors operate in exactly the same way. The Superconnector is intentionally designed to be modular and adaptable. This allows us to customise it to meet the specific needs and operations of your organisation.
cutting-edge architecture ensures future flexibility and rock solid operations
The platform is built on loosely-coupled microservice based architecture, providing a resilient and easily expandable foundation. The event-based and API-first platform enables fast and dynamic operations. With its unique design, the platform offers exceptional connectivity, resilience and performance within the industry.
great ROI due to low operational expenses
The SuperConnector does not have any ongoing usage based license fees and has low maintenance costs thanks to the modern and robust architecture which in turn keeps the OPEX costs significantly lower.
fully operational in 6-9 months from project start
Due to it’s exceptional adaptability the SupercConnector can be customised to your operations and made operational in just 6-9 months, depending on the complexity of the customisations and your bespoke and unique operational processes.
let’s talk to an expert about supercharging your operations
let’s talk to an expert about supercharging your operations
our solution powers BritNed’s operations
BritNed, the Interconnector linking the electricity networks of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, has chosen our SuperConnector platform to elevate their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.
read the case study
read the case study
Nils Teipel
Commercial Operations & Planning Manager at BritNed
from our customer
“Working with Supercharge was an exceptional experience. We swiftly established common goals building a platform which stands out from what’s currently in the market, fostering a collaborative environment focused on innovation and quality. Supercharge's rapid knowledge acquisition, clear vision, and user-centric approach ensured the seamless delivery of our new platform not only on time but also at a great quality level, which in the end led to a very smooth and uneventful go live despite the huge complexity of such a transition. We are convinced that our platform will step up our business to a new level and help us to deliver a wider range of products and enhance customer support.”
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