The SuperOptimizer Platform
overcome your grid limits: public EV charging with smart battery orchestration
Grid constraints often hinder the expansion or full utilization of EV charging stations. Increasing grid capacity is often expensive or even unfeasible due to infrastructure and cost limitations.
The SuperOptimizer platform offers a cost-effective and quickly deployable alternative. By combining stationary batteries and EV charging optimization algorithms, we empower charging stations to serve more vehicles, effectively overcoming grid limitations.
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service more electric vehicles with stationary batteries and smart orchestration
Public Charging stations experience high usage during peak times and see less activity during low-demand periods. To boost your stations' ROI and meet customer demand, it's essential to maximize capacity during peak times.
By installing stationary batteries and integrating them with our intelligent capacity orchestration platform, you can guarantee sufficient capacity to meet peak demand in the most economical way. Smart algorithms manage battery charging during off-peak times and ensure stations use the most ideal power source at any time, reducing overall costs.
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lower your costs with load shifting and solar capture
By utilizing Stationary Batteries at charging locations, SuperOptimizer can orchestrate topping up the battery when demand is low, and electricity prices are cheap. This energy then can be used to supplement EV charging, and reduce grid import during peak times. Additionally, if your charging locations have solar installed, SuperOptimizer can adjust its algorithms to capture the excess power generated by the solar panels and capture it in the Stationary Battery for further use.
for public charging companies: increase your profitability by serving more vehicles with your charging stations
Do you have existing charging locations, but grid limits are throttling your potential to deploy additional chargers and thus maximize your revenue?
Utilize SuperOptimizer without changing your platforms and digital products. Maximize your return on investment by making the most of your available charging locations. Supercharge your existing setup with Stationary Batteries and smart charger orchestration rather than opting for a costly and slow grid upgrade. Lower your operating costs with load shifting and utilizing solar capture effectively.
for retailers: keep up with the growing demand for EV charging at your locations
Are you considering offering public chargers to draw more customers to your locations, or do you need to install additional stations to keep up with growing demand without increasing your grid capacity?
Retail locations often have limited grid capacity, which restricts your ability to provide sufficient EV charging stations. Avoid the costly and slow grid upgrades with our smart orchestration solution, and charge more vehicles during peak periods.
completely devoid of ongoing licence and usage base fees
Do you overpay for usage based charging platforms to manage your public infrastructure? Keep your operational expenses low and predictable by choosing our platform. You only need to calculate for initial capital expenditure and maintenance - no scaling costs. No matter how big your ambitions are, our platform is ready to support them.
it is time to own the digital backbone of your EV charging system
Once you purchase our platform, you gain full ownership of it. If you want to expand or customize the solution, you can do so with access to the source code. You also have the freedom to choose between self-hosted or managed cloud-based operations. We are ready to assist you with either option. By owning the solution, you have a future-proof foundation for your EV charging ambitions without any dependencies on a single service provider.
compatible with any battery and charger
The SuperOptimizer platform was designed to be compatible with any hardware, allowing you to choose the Stationary Battery and Charger combination that best suits your site and use case. It also ensures the platform can be easily integrated into any existing infrastructure, enhancing your site’s overall efficiency through intelligent orchestration.
flexible application for new EV charging facilities or to supercharge existing ones
The SuperOptimizer platform can work as a stand alone solution to manage your new public charging facilities, or it can seamlessly integrate into your existing solution to extend your charging capabilities.
easy to manage and track operations
The SuperOptimizer is a next-generation energy platform built to enhance operator efficiency through an ergonomic interface. The simplified workflows reduce errors and task time, while dynamic dashboards enable quick, accurate decision-making.
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